SPANGLESH is the entire "spanish" market in one platform.

When people share something in common, there's an immediate connection made. For the largest minority population in the united states, that's Spanish.

Spanglesh is about celebrating the culture, bringing people together, and linking them with the resources they need to thrive every day.

Chelsi Stratton

My Process

I believe in creating simple, easy to use, yet powerful designs that create an

experience for the user.

My process is to understand the user, and the nuances of their needs. From that, I use their stories to create the most direct path, with the least amount of effort. I then create low fidelity models, and test them to see what the user thinks, and if they are able to tell within 5 seconds, who and what you are, I've done my job. Using any application should be intuitive to the user, and a joy to use.


UI/UX & Front-End Design

Let's create that.

Adventures With Will is a non-profit outdoor adventure group. They were my first friends after moving to Utah 5 years ago,  and I'm so happy to give back by volunteering my time to build their first webpage.

Adventures With Will

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Current Projects