Who I am...

I'm originally from Oregon, and came to Utah 5 years ago. Within the 1st year, I met Craig, and we hit it off over sushi. About 7 months later, I became stepmom to my 4 little boys.

We enjoy hiking, travel/road trips, swimming, and trying out new foods from around the world that Utah seems to be a hub for.

We are also big D&D fans, anime, potterheads, cooking asian food, and training our new pups (Seiji & Shizuku).



What drives me...

What inspires me...


It has a close place to my heart, but I find it inspiring because of the clean, uncluttered, and simple style their architecture, food, and every day items. I also love the meaning they place on nearly everything in their lives. Everyone and everything has a place, a purpose, and beautiful/functional design. It's a breath of fresh air, making you feel peaceful and exuberant at the same time.

To one day own a house with property, to give our kids the kind of growing up experience we had, with animals, trees to climb, and a garden with fresh produce.

Where the boys can run around and.... be boys!

Craig and I want to travel if we can, and go back to Japan and Hong Kong. We've been trying for 4 years.

That's our dream.