Developer’s Guide

Ready to Start Developing?

Perhaps you would like your sNews CMS website to have more features than it comes with. Maybe you have some basic to intermediate XHTML, CSS and PHP skills… and you want to learn more and share your improvements. Good, because sNews is intentionally built as a developers’ tool and it’s an excellent learning toy for those who want to dig in and work with the code. sNews is not an average out-of-the-box product with a surplus set of things you won’t need or use for your site, but is the base upon which to build the CMS that you want.

A couple of notes before you start:

  • – All the routines are nicely separated into several functions, and a beginner’s knowledge level should be sufficient enough to understand what’s really going on under the hood;
  • – sNews is still the smallest publicly available CMS because we wanted to provide the core essentials required to produce and maintain dynamically managed website content;
  • – As a minimum, the system requires PHP version 4.0 in order to cover the majority of server setups. Note – you are free to use later versions as well, but please make your coding backward compatible if you can;
  • – The forum is a good place to start digging for answers not covered in our function reference FAQ.


sNews requires PHP, MySQL and mod rewrite. If your server meets those requirements, get started and learn how to install sNews on your website in 3 easy steps.


Browse through our help center and learn about template tags and how to simply create your own theme. Dig into sNews and customize it to behave the way you want.


sNews can be a simple blog tool and a full blown CMS. Customize it with addons, mods or play with different themes.