40 List of Weaknesses For Job Interviews

Top Weaknesses List & Examples

The interview process allows hiring managers and coworkers to get to know you and what you are likely to bring to the organization. One of the common ways is the classic question, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Many people have different approaches to this question. But the objectively smart way to answer is identifying two or three weaknesses that have nothing to do with the job. This usually means soft skills that have no measurable impact on the role you are applying for.

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20 Unethical Advertising Examples 2023

Unethical Advertising Examples

There’s a world of difference between talking up your product or service and being deceptive or offensive. Customers don’t want to be lied to or sold to using unscrupulous or devious tactics.

Doing so would amount to unethical advertising. Despite the dire consequences that could result from unethically marketing the products, many brands still venture into that terrain from time to time.

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22 Best Online Games To Play When Bored in 2023

Best Browser games to play when bored

Looking for a robust list of online games to beat the boredom? Whether it’s a dull day at work or a lazy weekend, everyone faces moments when they must pass time at work or home.

No worries, though, as online browser games are a fantastic remedy!

There are different types of browser games, including both single-player and multiplayer games. Some games look outdated and use simple graphics, while others are more modern.

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