Best Blooket Hacks, Cheat Codes, And Tips 2023

Blooket is a game-based educational website that teachers can use to supplement their classes. This gives students an opportunity to test themselves and compete against each other in interactive quizzes and trivia-based game modes.

All you have to do is enter the unique ID given out by your teacher/host and start answering questions correctly. You will earn tokens (Blooket’s virtual currency) for each correct answer, which you can use to unlock Blooks, open up new boxes, and access special prizes.

Now, while the game is simple and fun, it can get challenging pretty quickly.

In most game modes, you will only earn between 0.25 and 0.35 tokens per question – meaning it will take a long time to level up. And when you do get higher rewards, the difficulty also goes up so it’s easy to get stuck.

Luckily, I’ve got all the best Blooket hacks, cheat codes, and tips you need. In this blog post, I will share the most effective methods to dominate the game – whether you want to get unlimited XP, earn more tokens, or get extra power-ups to get ahead of the competition.

Let’s get started!

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Tips To Hack The Blooket Game

There are many ways to hack Blooket. Below I will go over the best options and explain how you can apply them step by step.

However, please keep in mind that any steps you take to cheat at a video game are against the game’s rules and could get your account banned.

While these tips won’t necessarily get you sanctioned right away, there is still a chance you can get caught by Blooket’s developers or your teachers. So, use them at your own risk!

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1. Enter GitHub scripts on the Console

If you have some technical knowledge, one easy method is to use GitHub scripts. There are tons of Blooket users who have uploaded hacking scripts to the GitHub platform in order to help you modify the behavior of your game in whatever way you want.

They allow you to do things like unlock all the Blooks, add unlimited tokens to your account, get all correct answers with bots, and more.

Though it does help to have some programming experience, you don’t need to be a pro. These scripts are just a few lines of HTML or JavaScript code that you can embed into your game session with just a few steps.

Here’s how to implement them in your game:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search “blooket-hack” in the search bar that’s in the top right corner of the screen. Then, filter the results by selecting “Topics” from the options on the left-hand menu.
  3. This will allow you to see the public repositories that contain scripts specifically made to hack Blooket. You can also click here to check them directly.

  1. Scroll down to explore the different options and choose the one that better fits your needs. In this example, I will be using Add Tokens & XP script.
  2. Copy the whole code to your clipboard by clicking on the “Raw” button.
  3. Now, open up another tab in your browser and head over to
  4. Hit “Join a Game” and enter your game ID.
  5. Next, right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “Inspect” element. If you have a Windows device, you can also hold “Ctrl+Shift+C” to open it directly, and if you’re a macOS user, just press “Command+Option+C”.
  6. After that, select “Console”, paste the GitHub code inside the white box, and hit “Enter”.
  7. That’s it! You will get 500 tokens (which is the maximum per day) automatically.

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2. Use Blooket bots

While it’s not the most fun way to play games, using a bot is another great way to help you get ahead in Blooket. SchoolCheats is one of the best places to achieve this.

The site’s bots can be used to gain a number of advantages while playing the game, including chest ESP to let you know what treasure is in those chests without having to open them, a map marker that reveals where all the chests are located, food auto-fillers, and timer resetters.

You can also get a variety of other useful hacks like infinite health, endless energy, unlimited tokens, and more! The best part is that they claim their bots are undetectable and safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught by the game’s developers or moderators.

Let’s say you want to flood your Blooket session with bots so you can get the right answer to every question. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. This will open a new page with the different games they support. Choose Blooket.
  4. Now, you will be able to access the Flood bots option. However, the page will ask you first for a “Room code”.

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  1. To find it, open up a new tab and log into your Blooket account.
  2. After that, you will see your “Room Code” on your profile page. Copy the digits and go back to the SchoolCheats site to paste them.
  3. You can also skip the step above and enter your game ID directly.
  4. Next, you will have to name your bot and select how many you want to activate in your session.
  5. Once you are done, hit “Enter”. After a few seconds, your bots will start getting you all the answers!

If you want to use any of the other SchoolCheats’ special hacks, such as its add tokens scripts, the process is even simpler:

  1. Head over to
  2. Log into your account, click on the “Dashboard” button and select “Global”.
  3. After that, look for the “Add Tokens” option and click on it. This will open up a new page with a code.
  4. Copy the code into your clipboard and navigate to your Blooket account.
  5. Open the Console tool by right-clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting “Inspect” > “Console”.
  6. Paste the code into the white box and wait a few seconds. After that, the hack bot will ask you to set the number of tokens you want to have.
  7. Enter a value and click “OK”.
  8. Now, all you need to do is refresh the page and the number of your new tokens will be displayed automatically.

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3. Download a Blooket hacking extension

Another way to get ahead in the game is to use an extension for your web browser that helps you out with hints, cheats, and other such things.

There are plenty of Blooket hacking add-ons out there, but one of the best ones I’ve found is the ZightningCodes Blooket extension.

To download and install it on your device:

  1. Go to the ZightningCodes Blooket extension repository on GitHub. You can find it through a quick Google search or by clicking here.
  2. Click on the green “Code” button on the right side of the repository.
  3. This will open up a drop-down menu. Select the “Download ZIP” option.
  4. Once it’s downloaded, extract the file into a folder. To do it, you can use free software like WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRar.
  5. After that, go to your extensions page on Google Chrome. You can either click on the three dots at the top right corner of your browser, select “More tools”, and then “Extensions”, or paste the “chrome://extensions” URL into the search bar.
  6. Next, toggle the Developer mode option at the top right. This will make three buttons appear: “Load Unpacked”, “Pack Extension”, and “Update.”
  7. Select “Load Unpacked” and pick the folder you extracted from the zip file earlier.
  8. Now, you’ll see the Blooket hack extension icon next to your browser’s search bar. Just click on it and select the type of hack you want to use in your game!

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4. Enter Quizit’s cheat codes

Quizit is another site you can use to cheat on Blooket and get the answers to all the questions in the game. It has no registration fee and it doesn’t charge anything to use its service

All you have to do is:

  1. Log into your Blooket account and copy your game ID.
  2. Then, navigate to
  3. Click on “Services” and select Blooket.
  4. Next, paste it into the “QuizID” section.
  5. Finally, hit “Get Answers”. You’ll get the correct answers to the Blooket Quiz you selected automatically.

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5. Access the Cheat Network

If you’re willing to pay a few dollars, there are also some great premium sites that’ll help you hack Blooket answers. The Cheat Network is a third-party site that supports Blooket hacking and allows you to complete the game much faster.

It contains an extensive database of cheats, so not only you can use it to get all the right answers in a breeze, but it also offers flooding bots, token generators, and other useful tools.

To hack Blooket’s answers with the Cheat Network, you have to:

  1. Head over to
  2. Select “Cheats” at the top left.
  3. On the new page, scroll down to find the Blooket option and click on it.

  1. Now, open up a new tab and navigate to your Blooket account page. There, copy your game ID.
  2. Back in the Cheat Network window, paste your game ID and click “Get answers”.
  3. The site will take less than a second to give you all the correct answers!

Note: While it’s free to cheat Blooket’s answers, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $3.99 per month in order to use the rest of its hacks. However, make sure to check out their pricing page to get the latest information.

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Best Blooket Hacks & Cheat Codes

The following is a list of the top cheat codes and scripts for Blooket.

I scoured GitHub and other online communities to see what players were saying about their favorite hack scripts and put together 70+ tools you can implement on your game to make your experience a lot better.

You can use them to level up faster, unlock secret boxes, earn all the Blooks of the game, get the max amount of tokens, and more! All you have to do is copy their raw code on GitHub following the steps we explained above, and paste them into the Console.

The cheat codes below are categorized according to their respective game mode, plus a General section where you’ll find the miscellaneous hacks:

Blook Rush

  1. setBlooks — With this code, you can set the number of Blooks you or your team want to have.
  2. setDefense — This script allows you to increase the amount of defense your team has by four points maximum.

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Crypto Hack

  1. Password ESP — Paste this cheat code in your Console to discover the right password.
  2. Remove Hack — Use this to get rid of pesky attacking hacks.
  3. Choice ESP — This is great for those who want to know what each choice is going to give you before you choose one.
  4. Set Crypto — This hack lets you set your crypto to any value you want.
  5. Always Triple — Use this script whenever you want triple the amount of crypto you get.
  6. Auto Input Password — This code automatically enters the right password when you’re hacking.
  7. Set Password — This cheat will let you set your hacking password to whatever you choose.
  8. Steal Player’s Crypto — With this trick, you can steal all of your opponent’s cryptos.

Tower Defense

  1. Earthquake — This script allows you to make your towers randomly shuffle around.
  2. Max Towers — This hack lets you make super-powered towers.
  3. Remove Ducks — Use this cheat whenever you want to get rid of the ducks.
  4. Remove Enemies — This is great if you want to clear all the enemies.
  5. Place Towers Anywhere — With this code, you can place towers anywhere on the map, even in unavailable spots.
  6. Set Damage — This allows you to set your level of damage to any value you want.
  7. Set Round — Paste this script on the Console if you want to change rounds as you like.
  8. Set Tokens — Use this code to get as many tokens as you want.

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Monster Brawl

  1. Double Enemy XP — This script allows you to double the XP value of the items dropped by enemies.
  2. Half Enemy Speed — This hack will slow down the movement of enemies by 2x, allowing you to move out of their range easily.
  3. Instant Kill — With this cheat code you can drop all enemies’ health to one.
  4. Invincibility — Paste this script in your Console if you want to be invisible.
  5. Max Current Abilities — This script lets you set all your abilities to level nine.
  6. Next Level — This is great to level up faster.
  7. Remove Obstacles — Use this to get rid of all the in-game obstacles.
  8. Reset Health — This code allows you to restore your health and grants invincibility for three seconds.
  9. Magnet — This code lets you pull all XP to your position.

Santa’s Workshop

  1. Remove Distractions — This code allows you to remove all the distractions in the game.
  2. Set Toys — Use this to set the number of toys to whatever you want.
  3. Set Toys Per Question — With this hack you can specify how many toys per question you want to get.
  4. Swap Toys — This cheat code brings up the “Select Player” menu so you can trade places with someone.

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Tower of Doom

  1. Fill Deck — This script gives you every artifact and maxed-out card.
  2. Max Cards — Use this to get all the cards in the deck maxed out.
  3. Max Health — Paste this cheat code in your Console to fully restore your health.
  4. Max Stats — This hack lets you pump up all of your cards’ stats.
  5. Min Enemy — This script allows you to minimize your opponent’s stats.
  6. Set Coins — With this code, you can specify the number of coins you want to have.

Gold Quest

  1. Auto Choose — This cheat code automatically selects the best chest for you to open.
  2. Chest ESP — Use this to check out what’s inside each chest before choosing one.
  3. Reset All Gold — With this script, you can set the gold of all the players to zero.
  4. Reset Player’s Gold — Use this hack to reset just your own gold.
  5. Set Gold — This allows you to specify the amount of gold you want to have.
  6. Swap Gold — Paste this script in your Console to go to the “Select Player” menu and switch with someone.


  1. Max Items — Use this script to maximize the number of items available in the Café shop.
  2. Remove Customers — With this hack, you can get rid of the current customers.
  3. Reset Abilities — This code lets you set your in-game shop abilities to zero.
  4. Set Cash — This one allows you to specify the amount of cash you want to have available in your shop.
  5. Stock Food — While this script doesn’t directly affect the shop, you can use it to set all your stock food to the maximum (99).

Deceptive Dinos

  1. Rock ESP — Use this to check the rewards of each rock.
  2. Set Fossils — This code lets you set the number of fossils you want.
  3. Set Multiplier — This allows you to set your fossils multipliers to whichever number you want.
  4. Stop Cheating — This is great if you’re about to get caught by your teacher or host. Once you paste it on the Console, it reverses any cheating you’ve done.

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Crazy Kingdom

  1. Choice ESP — Like most ESP scripts, this one allows you to find out what will happen after you accept or decline a choice before making a decision.
  2. Choice ESP Loop — This code is exactly like the one above, but you’ll just have to paste it once in the Console to get it running on an infinite loop.
  3. Disable Toucan — Use this hack if you want to stop paying taxes.
  4. Max Stats — With this script, you can maximize all of your stats.
  5. Set Guests — This one lets you specify the number of guests you’ve already had.
  6. Skip Guest — As the name implies, this code allows you to bypass guests.


  1. Free Upgrades — With this code you can get all of the upgrades for free.
  2. Max Blooks — Use this script to maximize your Blooks’ stats.
  3. Remove Glitches — If you want to get rid of enemy bugs, just paste this into your Console.
  4. Set All Mega Bot — This hack lets you level up your Blooks to Mega Bots.
  5. Set Cash — Use this one to specify the amount of cash you want to have.

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  1. Auto Answer — With this script, you can get a bot that will give the correct answers to all the questions automatically.
  2. Auto Sell Dupes On Open — This code allows you to sell the regular Blooks you get after opening a box.
  3. Enable Limited Gamemodes — Use this hack if you want to be able to host any game mode.
  4. Every Answer Correct — This one automatically sets all your answers to correct.
  5. Get Daily Rewards — You can use this script to earn 500 daily tokens and max XP.
  6. Highlight Answers — This script points out the correct answer, and identifies the incorrect one.
  7. Prevent Suspension — Paste this code in your Console every time you start a new game session to avoid getting your account banned.
  8. Remove Random Name — Use this to customize your user name.
  9. Sell Cheap Duplicates — With this hack, you can sell all of your dupes, except Chromas and Legendaries.
  10. Sell Duplicate Blooks — This cheat is exactly like the one above, but you can sell all types of dupes.
  11. Spam Buy Blooks — You can run this code to specify the number of times you want to open a box.
  12. Unlock Plus Gamemodes — This is a great tool if you want to access Plus game modes.

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Sum Up

Blooket is a fun educational game that’s great for kids and adults alike. However, as you progress through the game, unlocking new levels and resources gets more and more difficult.

The tips and hacks I’ve compiled are easy to follow and they will help you get through all those difficult levels without any hassle.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can use them to get unlimited resources and become an ultimate game master.

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